Tragic Love Story or Plain Stupidity?

You may not know this but I am a huge fan of movies.I  have seems a wide variety of movies from classics such as City Lights, Some Like It Hot, to others that will never be classics like Gigli. I watch movies with an open mind and form my own opinion of them, with that said I recently just watched Titanic with my fiancé and I must say we had to very different/competing points of view at the end. He saw it as a hopelessly romantic story of two young lovers willing to do anything for one another. While I saw the movie as she (Rose) stupidly jumped of the life boat causing Jack’s protective instinct to kick in. At the point the boat starts to sink at blazing speed, it is clear that Jack had the drive and will to survive. He overcame all obstacles, however when Rose decided she didn’t want to leave without him, all of his actions became about saving her. He became purely altruistic, he protected all at all cost. Even though she had the life vest he still held on to her and dragged her up after the ship completely sunk. Now after all of this, she does not alternate with him, taking turns on that piece of drift wood or door. In my point of view she hindered his survival. My fiancé however saw a beautiful love story in which to young lovers try to defy the odds and survive together, again the opposite of what I saw.  In short maybe Titanic is a love story, but to me all I saw were the flaws. It is not a movie that I can watch every time I come across it on my tv, it’s a movie that I have to mentally prepare for. Classics like The God Father, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Modern Times and Dancing in the Rain I have enjoyed many times over no matter my current mood; sad to say Titanic is not one of them. What do you guys think about this amazing “love story” or “plain tragedy?”


“‘I Lived'”

“‘I Lived'”

These words are not my own,  I am only sharing them because I find them very inspirational. 

“‘Hope when you take that jump

You don’t feel the fall

Hope when the water rises

You built a wall

Hope when the crowd screams

They’re screaming your name

Hope if everybody runs

You choose to stay

Hope that you fall in love

And it hurts so bad

The only way you can know

You gave it all you had

And I hope that you don’t suffer

But take the pain

Hope when the moment comes, 

You’ll say

I, I, I

I did it all

I, I, I

I did it all

I owned every second that this world could give

I saw so many places, the things that I did

Yeah with every broken bone

I swear I lived'”

I lived by OneRepublic, I have no rights to this songs.

Shame on Me?

Shame on Me?

I am a black woman with natural hair, I have been natural for 1 year this month. Now yes I have gained a significant amount of weight in the last year, but I have notice and I am working on living a healthier lifestyle. Something happened to me yesterday in the most inappropriate of places and I feel I must share. I was at my wonderful bridal shower that my very lovely bridesmaids and maid of honor threw for me. I was literally over joyed for the entire party, my dress was cute, my hair was cute and I could not feel more blessed. Now someone whom I highly respected, who showed up 3 hours late to the shower, comes up to me and said and I quote “‘Sweetie I say this because I care, for the sake of your marriage, don’t gain anymore weight.'” To add to this his wife pulls my hair and said, again I quote “‘ look at her with all that hard hair on her head.'” I have never been so disrespected in my life, to make it worse they are a black couple. I was so speechless, I said nothing. Now can someone please tell me when being overweight became a pass for everyone to body shame you whenever they want? I don’t understand why people think it is okay to walk around and tell people how they should feel about their bodies. Those same people who do not see the hard work, that you put in to being a healthier you. To this disrespect I say; I will not buy into your nonsense, I will not buy into your idea of beauty, I will not let your hatred of yourself lead me to hate myself. I say to all those who hate my hair, who think I am fat, and ugly or whatever else, get in line because you will not break me. I was previously broken and I have rebuilt myself stronger. My nappy hair and I have growing together and there’s such an attraction there it can’t be overlooked. I am a better me everyday and that is all that matters. 

The Gendered Nature of Being Unencumbered

If you ask almost any woman what she would change about women’s clothes I promise you “pockets” would come up about 95% of the time (other answers: sizing consistency, for fuck’s sake; quality construction; larger sizes not just being a size 0 sized up). When I think about my closet I can name four items of […]

The Invisible Late-Night Knapsack.

Samantha Bee won Twitter yesterday. In case you missed it: Vanity Fair published an article titled “Why Late-Night TV Is Better Than Ever.” It features a slick, well-lit photograph of some of my favorite things: handsome, funny men wearing well-tailored suits. Former Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee had an amendment: I got into a debate about this […]

It’s Hip To Be Square

So I have been looking for a picture frame that is a circle or sphere just not in the shape of a square or rectangle. While being dragged to what seemed like every store in CT that sales frames (from Goodwill to Michael’s), it made me realize that the idea of a rectangular frame had become so standard that you can’t find one in any other shape. Have our views of what is normal and accepted behavior/culture changed so much that we expect everyone and everything to fit into a neat little box? Is being an individual a thing of the past? Are we subliminally adhering to social norms? I know this post started out about picture frames but it has definitely given me a different perspective in regards to how everyday things have changed so drastically in recent years. How far will this subliminal stimuli go before we actually consciously perceive the changes?! Food for thought.  

  Lights, Camera, Awards

  Lights, Camera, Awards

Last night was the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards, the chance for our everyday television actors that we love to be recognized. I must say there were some surprising winners, obvious losers and the shows that we just plain do not know. The comedic wins were all funny and acceptance speeches were even more so. Among the winners were wins for Amy Schumer and her team, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (2 Emmys for Jon Stewart and his team). It could be speculated that he won because The Daily Show ended 6/7 weeks ago, but to that point let the record show that he also beat out his long time friend and fellow funny man Stephen Colbert whose nightly show also ended. A pleasant nominee was John Oliver host of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver on HBO. Oliver was a contributor for The Daily show before getting his own show, if you haven’t seen it you should. Now for the category of a limited series I have never heard of OLIVE KITTERIDGE (the show) but the limited series nearly swept every category regarding a limited series. It has climbed it’s way into my queue. Regina King won big for American Crime.
I have very recently started watching Game of Thrones again so I don’t have much to say accept of course they would win outstanding drama and Peter Dinklage best supporting actor (the man is good). Moving on to show that I am a lot more familiar with, Mad Men. Now if Jon Hamm didn’t not win after 16 nomination 11 being for Mad Men  after the show came to an end this year, would have classified as just plain cruel and usual punishment for the poor man. The relief when he’s name was announced for outstanding lead actor in a drama series , Jon Hamm just threw himself on stage completely bypassing the stairs. Congratulation to him, same couldn’t be said for Amy Poehler who still lost after 16 nominations for Parks and Recreation.

Uzo Aduba with two consecutive nominations and two consecutive wins for best supporting actress in a drama series and a comedic series. I never understood how Orange is the New Black was classified as a comedy last year but that’s a rant for another day. Uzo Aduba made history as the first woman to win that award in two categories, go Uzo! Now last but definitely not least my girl Viola Davis winning outstanding lead actress in a drama series, making history herself. These ladies made emotionally moving acceptance speeches and I cannot wait for the return of their shows, though I will not hold my breath for OITNB.

Additional highlights include; just about every win was from HBO, Andy Samberg felt it was only right that everyone get to see those show and gave the world his HBO go username and password. Lots of nominations for Showtime shows such as House of Lies and Shameless (win for Joan Cusack). The fashion was of course amazing, Viola Davis (in white and black), Gina Rodriguez (whose dress was gorgeous), Lavern can-do-no-wrong Cox was fabulous in Calvin Klein. Taraji P Henson and Lady Gaga both dazzled in black. Midnight blue tuxedos were the outfit of choice for most of the leading men. We also witnessed dare I say the return of Tracy Morgan, jokes and all. Now my final rant is about House Of Cards, not only is Netflix consistently blowing our minds with incredible shows, I just can’t understand why poor Kevin Spacey (or as I call him the male Olivia Pope) just can’t win. House of Cards is such a great show and deserve more than just a nomination. A suprising win for House of Cards goes to Reg E Cathey  for outstanding guest actor in a dram series. For those of you who do not know his name, he was the guy who owned the rib shack or bbq pit in season one of HOC and lost everything. This was a pleasant and well deserved win.

Now clearly there was just too much to touch on but these are my personal highlights. I would love to hear what you guys thought, what you loved, didn’t love, your personal winners and losers.