Tragic Love Story or Plain Stupidity?

You may not know this but I am a huge fan of movies.I  have seems a wide variety of movies from classics such as City Lights, Some Like It Hot, to others that will never be classics like Gigli. I watch movies with an open mind and form my own opinion of them, with that said I recently just watched Titanic with my fiancé and I must say we had to very different/competing points of view at the end. He saw it as a hopelessly romantic story of two young lovers willing to do anything for one another. While I saw the movie as she (Rose) stupidly jumped of the life boat causing Jack’s protective instinct to kick in. At the point the boat starts to sink at blazing speed, it is clear that Jack had the drive and will to survive. He overcame all obstacles, however when Rose decided she didn’t want to leave without him, all of his actions became about saving her. He became purely altruistic, he protected all at all cost. Even though she had the life vest he still held on to her and dragged her up after the ship completely sunk. Now after all of this, she does not alternate with him, taking turns on that piece of drift wood or door. In my point of view she hindered his survival. My fiancé however saw a beautiful love story in which to young lovers try to defy the odds and survive together, again the opposite of what I saw.  In short maybe Titanic is a love story, but to me all I saw were the flaws. It is not a movie that I can watch every time I come across it on my tv, it’s a movie that I have to mentally prepare for. Classics like The God Father, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Modern Times and Dancing in the Rain I have enjoyed many times over no matter my current mood; sad to say Titanic is not one of them. What do you guys think about this amazing “love story” or “plain tragedy?”


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