Last night was the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards, the chance for our everyday television actors that we love to be recognized. I must say there were some surprising winners, obvious losers and the shows that we just plain do not know. The comedic wins were all funny and acceptance speeches were even more so. Among the winners were wins for Amy Schumer and her team, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (2 Emmys for Jon Stewart and his team). It could be speculated that he won because The Daily Show ended 6/7 weeks ago, but to that point let the record show that he also beat out his long time friend and fellow funny man Stephen Colbert whose nightly show also ended. A pleasant nominee was John Oliver host of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver on HBO. Oliver was a contributor for The Daily show before getting his own show, if you haven’t seen it you should. Now for the category of a limited series I have never heard of OLIVE KITTERIDGE (the show) but the limited series nearly swept every category regarding a limited series. It has climbed it’s way into my queue. Regina King won big for American Crime.
I have very recently started watching Game of Thrones again so I don’t have much to say accept of course they would win outstanding drama and Peter Dinklage best supporting actor (the man is good). Moving on to show that I am a lot more familiar with, Mad Men. Now if Jon Hamm didn’t not win after 16 nomination 11 being for Mad Men  after the show came to an end this year, would have classified as just plain cruel and usual punishment for the poor man. The relief when he’s name was announced for outstanding lead actor in a drama series , Jon Hamm just threw himself on stage completely bypassing the stairs. Congratulation to him, same couldn’t be said for Amy Poehler who still lost after 16 nominations for Parks and Recreation.

Uzo Aduba with two consecutive nominations and two consecutive wins for best supporting actress in a drama series and a comedic series. I never understood how Orange is the New Black was classified as a comedy last year but that’s a rant for another day. Uzo Aduba made history as the first woman to win that award in two categories, go Uzo! Now last but definitely not least my girl Viola Davis winning outstanding lead actress in a drama series, making history herself. These ladies made emotionally moving acceptance speeches and I cannot wait for the return of their shows, though I will not hold my breath for OITNB.

Additional highlights include; just about every win was from HBO, Andy Samberg felt it was only right that everyone get to see those show and gave the world his HBO go username and password. Lots of nominations for Showtime shows such as House of Lies and Shameless (win for Joan Cusack). The fashion was of course amazing, Viola Davis (in white and black), Gina Rodriguez (whose dress was gorgeous), Lavern can-do-no-wrong Cox was fabulous in Calvin Klein. Taraji P Henson and Lady Gaga both dazzled in black. Midnight blue tuxedos were the outfit of choice for most of the leading men. We also witnessed dare I say the return of Tracy Morgan, jokes and all. Now my final rant is about House Of Cards, not only is Netflix consistently blowing our minds with incredible shows, I just can’t understand why poor Kevin Spacey (or as I call him the male Olivia Pope) just can’t win. House of Cards is such a great show and deserve more than just a nomination. A suprising win for House of Cards goes to Reg E Cathey  for outstanding guest actor in a dram series. For those of you who do not know his name, he was the guy who owned the rib shack or bbq pit in season one of HOC and lost everything. This was a pleasant and well deserved win.

Now clearly there was just too much to touch on but these are my personal highlights. I would love to hear what you guys thought, what you loved, didn’t love, your personal winners and losers.


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